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Houston Texans Claim Oday Aboushi, Trade Keshawn Martin To New England Patriots

Never before has the arrival of Oday Aboushi been met with such glee. Why? Because it means that a player Texans fans have long been frustrated with is no longer a member of the team.

No more.
No more.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When I saw this tweet... first thought was that perhaps it foretold a roster move by the Texans to jettison one of their wide receivers. After all, the Texans had elevated Chandler Worthy from the practice squad earlier today, which meant they had seven (7) wide receivers on the current roster. That seemed untenable.

Then, mere moments ago, this popped up.

Keshawn Martin is no longer a Texan. I repeat: Keshawn Martin is no longer a Texan.

First, Ryan Mallett ascends to starting quarterback. Then, Keshawn Martin is relieved of his duties in Houston. It's a freaking red letter day in Space City, and we don't even know what the Texans received in exchange for Martin.

Does it even matter?  We await your response to the news below.

UPDATE (12:29 p.m. CDT on 09/17/14): The details of what Houston got for Martin are in, and they may surprise you.

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