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Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 4

Another week, another haphazardly placed request for you to do 1/3 of my work for me.

Lack of questions makes J.J. Watt sad.
Lack of questions makes J.J. Watt sad.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I would never lie to you people.[1] So I'll just come out and say it: the number of questions received last week was Hoyer-esque. Thankfully, for purposes of the Bag post coming later today, the quality of the few questions received was Certainly not a J.J. Wattian level of performance, but still good enough for most purposes. So, those of you who actually sent in questions, thank you.

That said, I am toying with an idea that, honestly, I would be shamelessly ripping off from Doug Demuro at Jalopnik, wherein I would answer one question at greater length each week, rather than a full bag. In that way, I could pick the best (or, at times, the hilariously worst) question. Depending on how the response to this call for questions goes, that might be the new normal starting next week.

For now, however, we soldier on in our current format. You know the drill if you want to participate:

1) You should email me at mattycamp (at) gmail (dot) com.

2) Your email should contain a question that you want me to answer. It can be more or less anything. You might ask why I think Frozen has a really messed up sense of how to deal with a handicapped child and glosses over what would be an almost crippling lack of emotional growth. You might ask whether Tim's leadership of Battle Red Blog is one of the ten best things to come out of the internet age (spoiler alert: yes). Hell, if you really trust me -- or if you have nowhere else to turn -- you might even ask me about something that has an actual impact on your life. Totally up to you, the question-asking person.

3) If you want to ensure that the question is actually read, you should put something in the subject line of the email like "Battle Red Bag" or "Question for the Bag" or "BFD Has A Furry Suit Shaped Like Jordann."

4) You should (a) be aware that, at times, not every question will be answered in the week it was received, depending on the volume of questions and (b) check back in about five days to read the answers.

5) You should also be aware that questions left in the comments to the "Call for Questions" posts will not be used...unless they are really good or I need filler or I just otherwise choose to do so.

[1] That is a lie. But that is the truth. And that's a paradox.