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Texans-Panthers: Homecoming For Clowney, Hopkins, And Joseph

Three Houston Texans will be playing near their hometowns when they visit the Carolina Panthers. See the map and talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

"I'm coming home!"
"I'm coming home!"
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jadeveon Clowney and Johnathan Joseph are from Rock Hill, South Carolina, which is located just 25 miles south of Charlotte.  DeAndre Hopkins is from Central, South Carolina, which is 130 miles southwest of Charlotte.

These three players have roughly 100 friends and family who are expected to attend the game on Sunday to cheer on their hometown heroes now playing for the Houston Texans.

Deepi Sidhu of The Mothership reports:

Everyone from the Carolinas talked about all the friends and family coming to watch them on Sunday.  Jadeveon Clowney said his whole paycheck was already gone fulfilling ticket requests.  DeAndre Hopkins is pretty sure he needs a private room for dinner Saturday night.

"Separate checks," he said when asked who was paying the bill for all those people.

As the week progressed, the numbers got more and more out of hand. By Friday, Hop was convinced that Clowney and Johnathan Joseph have at least 100 people coming to the game, if not more, and may require their own section of the stadium.

That's quite a homecoming!  Let's hope these guys give their family and friends a LOT to cheer about Sunday.


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