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Battle Red Onion: Ryan Mallet Vows To Run For Quarterback Under Third Party Ticket

Proudly distributing sensationalized rubbish since 2010. Ryan Mallett may have lost the battle at quarterback, but he hasn't yet lost the war.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

HOUSTON-- The battle isn't over the Houston Texans' quarterback position, not according to Ryan Mallett, anyway. The five-year pro, who has just started two games in his career, has decided to run for team quarterback under a third party ticket. Mallett had repeatedly refused to rule out a third-party run during training camp and OTAs, citing the need to keep his options open.

"All I wanted was to be treated fairly by the coaches," he said to reporters on Monday. "If you look at my numbers this summer, you can see that I'm leading by quite a bit. The people think I'm a winner."

Mallett's surge in the polls has come despite his near-constant stream of controversies.

In June, Mallett drew the ire of the NFL when he blasted the Tennessee Titans, calling them "murderers" and "gropists." Particularly of babies and siblings.

The comments galvanized the team's base, giving him broad public support across the city.

In July, despite pressure from his teammates to back out of the race, Mallett doubled down on his comments, promising to build a wall around Tennessee, "and make them pay for it" should he win the competition.

Again his numbers soared.

Most recently, Mallett got into a shouting match with a disruptive Houston-area reporter while at a press conference. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle was thrown out of the room by one of Mallett's staffers after the reporter refused to sit down while berating the quarterback with questions regarding his controversial stance on the Titans.

McClain made his name covering the Houston Oilers and has long taken a defensive stance for them since they moved to Tennessee and became the Titans in 1997.

Stay tuned to Battle Red Onion for more Quarterback 2015 coverage.

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