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Sunday Afternoon Late Games Thread

Join us here at BRB for the late afternoon games after the exciting Texans game this afternoon!

Something we hopefully won't see today.
Something we hopefully won't see today.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Boy, wasn't the Texans' game fantastic today!?!  I totally knew the Texans/Panthers would edge past the Texans/Panthers, especially after made that huge catch/return/interception/beer run for the Texans/Panthers.

Mostly, though, I can't believe Coach O'Brien/Rivera tried to challenge that play just before the two minute warning.  I have no idea how they didn't think that was a catch/fumble/alien invasion, and they could've really used that timeout at the end.

Kudos to the Texnas/Panthers for the win!

Now, it's time for the afternoon games!  Match-ups include:

  • Ravens @ Raiders: Well, it's the Raiders, so you gotta go with the Ravens in this one.
  • Dolphins @ Glitter Kitties: Jacksonville fans will attempt to blind the Dolphins with all the glitterz, but they they're still the Glitter Kitties.
  • Cokeboys @ Iggles: After Romo's miracle last weekend, we can expect him to return to Keystone Cops play for a while.  Also, Chip Kelly will hypnotize a Cokeboy during halftime, just for the lulz.

Normal open thread rules apply, so please be kind to each other.  Take off those pants and relax with us this afternoon.

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