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Texans-Panthers: How Would You Grade Ryan Mallett's Performance Yesterday?

The majority of Texans fans got what they asked for when Ryan Mallett displaced Brian Hoyer atop the quarterback depth chart. How do those fans think Mallett fared in Houston's loss to the Panthers yesterday?

58 passes thrown.  58!
58 passes thrown. 58!
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The glorious return of Ryan Mallett to the starting lineup did not go as Texans fans had hoped in yesterday's loss to Carolina. With a reshuffled offensive line that also saw one of the starters lost to injury mid-game and a running game that was ineffective at best and horrendous at worst, Mallett finished the afternoon with a stat line of 27-58 for 244 yards, 2 TDs (1 rushing), and 1 INT.

Ugly, right? To be fair, Houston's receivers didn't help Mallett's cause.

So how do you view Mallett's 2015 starting debut? I mean, I can't imagine anyone would consider it to have been exceptional, but I am also fairly confident that some may feel Mallett wasn't as bad a sub-50% completion percentage would indicate. Hit the poll and then take to the Comments to explain yourself.

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