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Call for Questions: Battle Red Bag 2015, vol. 5

It's like a Reddit AMA, but not in real time. And without celebrities. And less traffic.

"I have a question: how many days can a raccoon be dead before it turns gamey?"
"I have a question: how many days can a raccoon be dead before it turns gamey?"
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the way these "Call for Questions" posts generally come out before the actual Bag from the previous week's questions, it makes me wonder how many times I could ask for questions without posting a Bag at all. Like...could I become a crazy cat lady of bag questions, hoarding them and never letting them go until the smell of their urine alerted the neighbors? I feel like I could. (And, yes, some of the questions smell like pee, at least figuratively. (I'm looking at you, Huggy.))

All that said...I'm not going to hoard. Mainly because I like writing the Bag, but also because I don't really want you people cluttering my inbox if there's no point to it beyond a social experiment. So, expect the Episode 4 of the Battle Red Bag to appear on an internet-connected device near you later today.

As an aside, you folks did a fine job of upping the quantity of questions following last week's note about the paucity of questions the week before. For those of you who wish to participate but, somehow, still don't know how this all works, first, welcome to the internet. Second, here's the drill:

1) You should email me at mattycamp (at) gmail (dot) com.

2) Your email should contain a question that you want me to answer. It can be more or less anything. You might ask why I think Frozen has a really messed up sense of how to deal with a handicapped child and glosses over what would be an almost crippling lack of emotional growth. You might ask whether Brett Kollman is far more talented than this blog deserves (spoiler: yes). Hell, if you really trust me -- or if you have nowhere else to turn -- you might even ask me about something that has an actual impact on your life. Totally up to you, the question-asking person.

3) If you want to ensure that the question is actually read, you should put something in the subject line of the email like "Battle Red Bag" or "Question for the Bag" or "BFD's sponge baths are drying out my cuticles."

4) You should (a) be aware that, at times, not every question will be answered in the week it was received, depending on the volume of questions and (b) check back in about five days to read the answers.

5) You should also be aware that questions left in the comments to the "Call for Questions" posts will not be used...unless they are really good or I need filler or I just otherwise choose to do so.