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The NFL Picks Must Go On: BRB Fantasy Football 2015 Update

Afternoon, folks. Our weekly update on the status of our Survival League and Pick 'Em, complete with a promise of a sponge bath from some furry fat bear.

The picks must go on (along with the season).
The picks must go on (along with the season).
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As you well remember, the football-obsessed among us are participating in two Fantasy Football offerings this season.

In our Pick 'Em, we select the winners of each week's slate of games, as well as complete the tiebreakers. You can see where you stand by checking out the Group's page.

In our Survival League, we select one team that we think will win its matchup for that week, with the caveat that we can never use that team as our selection again. Most of us are alive and well, but there are five members who are either failing to submit their pick in time or who have backed us or New Orleans or something bad like that. You can see where you fall in the whole league here.

Remember, in addition to bragging rights, the winners of each contest get a sponge bath from our very own fat panda. That should make every Texans fan aim for the best, right?

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