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Buccaneers v. Texans: Kevin Johnson's Growth, Jameis Winston & Other Story Lines To Watch For

Here's this week's viewing guide for Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Last week, we fretted over what the shuffled offensive line would like and Cam Newton's playmaking ability, while looking forward to Ryan Mallett's second era as starter. None of it turned out too favorably, as you might remember (and good on you if you've managed to forget).

But it's a new week and we've got a new turf to ogle, so let's get right into what we'll be watching for in Week 3.

4. Kevin Johnson's continued growth, and the challenge of Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans

We're all loving Kevin Johnson's progress through two games, and we can't wait to see more. He'll be going up against two towering Bucs receivers in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. While Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson will be shouldering most of the responsibility in covering them, I'm betting Johnson will get a crack too. Keep an eye out for #30.

3. The erratic adventures of Ryan Mallett

There appeared to be little chemistry between Ryan Mallett and his receivers last Sunday, with wrong routes, drops, wonky accuracy and some Randy Johnson-esque fastballs. Throw in a poor rushing performance and the offense had little chance.

Still, there were some positive takeaways, including a nice touchdown drive in the second half that suggests there's still hope to grasp for. They've had all week to fix what was broken in Week 2; what will we see in Week 3?

2. The spectacle of Jameis Winston

Not every team gets to face off against the year's number one overall pick, and you just know J.J. Watt is eager to give Jameis Winston a proper welcome into the NFL.

Look for an angry Texans defense to vent some frustration on the young rookie.

1. A whole new tuuuuuurf (don't you dare close your eyes)

I feel like Princess Jasmine and Aladdin Bob McNair is inviting me to a magic carpet ride to show off NRG Stadium's new turf.

It was a topic we discussed, analyzed and even satirized, hoping to see some change, and now we're finally getting it. The old system using pallets of grass was often poorly installed, always dangerous and just plain embarrassing to look at. Kudos to management for finally doing something about it, but what in the world took so long?

Doesn't matter now; just enjoy it, and hope the Texans can put up a decent performance on it. I want my half off Papa John's on Monday and a free Sonic slush on Tuesday, dang it.

That's my list, folks. What'll you be looking for tomorrow? Sound off down below.

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