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Open Game Day Thread: Bucs at Texans, Fourth Quarter

Continue discussion of today's Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Houston Texans week three contest in the comments section here on BRB's 4th quarter open game day thread!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Going into the final quarter of play, your Houston Texans lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-9.  That's... exciting.  I have to admit that I've had an enormous amount of beer this afternoon and I think my fingers are more numb than Peyton Manning, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Enjoy the fourth quarter!  Hopefully nothing in the fourth quarter will happen that forces you to drink to the point of numbness.

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NOTE II: Due to the fast-paced nature of these threads, there will be no warnings before bans on game day. If a moderator deems a comment or user to be problematic, he or she will remove that person from the discussion for the good of the collective game day experience. If you're on the wrong side of the law today and want your posting privileges reinstated, please send an e-mail to us tomorrow.