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Report: Houston Texans Will Work Out Five Kickers Tomorrow

After a less than inspiring start to the 2015 season from Randy Bullock, the Texans will reportedly examine five possible replacement options tomorrow. See which five kickers are heading to Houston for a tryout.

A free trip to Houston?  WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
A free trip to Houston? WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a majority of Texans fans polled believing the team should stay the course with Randy Bullock (at least for now), the Texans will reportedly bring five (4) kickers in for a workout tomorrow. The first name mentioned was Nick Novak, formerly of the San Diego Chargers.

Novak won't be alone, though. Earlier this evening, four (4) other names were reported to be heading to Houston for a workout tomorrow.

Although this doesn't necessarily mean Randy Bullock is getting a pink slip (indeed, having other kickers work out for his employer in the middle of the season is old hat for Bullock), it also doesn't mean that this is purely a motivational tool.

My guess? The Texans keep their powder dry and don't sign anybody before Sunday's game against the Falcons. Randy Bullock, however, is now firmly on notice. Should he struggle in Atlanta, someone else will be kicking for the home team at NRG Stadium when the Colts come to town for Thursday Night Football on October 8th.

What say you?

UPDATE: Well, as with all too many things in life, I was dead wrong about the Texans staying the course. Nick Novak has been signed and Randy Bullock has been cut.

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