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Houston Texans Release Randy Bullock, Sign Nick Novak

The man affectionately referred to as "Beercan Bullock" is a Texan no more. Houston fans react to the news that they have a new kicker on the roster.

Best of luck, Randy.
Best of luck, Randy.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently missing multiple extra points within a three week period (even if history is being made!) is unacceptable for a professional kicker in the NFL. Who knew?

Novak, formerly of the Chargers, Chiefs, Redskins, and Cardinalswas worked out earlier today (along with four other kickers) by the Texans after Bullock's notorious inconsistency reared its ugly head again to start the season. Novak is a career 81.6% kicker on 147 attempts, but I suppose his real value is that he has only missed one extra point during his entire career, in 2011, which was actually blocked rather than outright shanked. He might not be the best, but at least the man is consistent - I'll take it.

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