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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans at Cowboys

It's the final Countdown...of the 2015 preseason for the Houston Texans. Talk about Texans-Cowboys up until kickoff on Battle Red Blog.

We're all hoping to see the Houston Texans defeat the Arlington Cowboys tonight!!!
We're all hoping to see the Houston Texans defeat the Arlington Cowboys tonight!!!
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The powers that be continue to try to manufacture an in-state rivalry between the Texans and Cowboys, so we're doing this again, as usual in Jerruh's ode to his ego, now sponsored by AT&T.

Earlier this week, the Texans' roster was trimmed to 75 from 90, and soon, the roster will be trimmed yet again, down to 53. Recent remarks indicate that as many as 10 roster spots remain up for grabs, with Bill O'Brien saying on Monday,

"There are spots all around. I think there are spots – I wouldn’t say at every single position. I think there are some things that are obviously already determined, but I think at certain positions there are definitely battles. When I say battles, I’m not even talking about starting battles. I’m talking about like the decision between the fourth and fifth corner or the third and fourth safety. You know, all those different things. How many of those positions are you going to keep? How many inside linebackers are you going to keep? Things like that, so yeah there’s definitely a lot of competition left."

Obviously, that means that there are some guys at the bottom of the roster to whom their play tonight means something, not just for their potential future here in Houston, but also for their potential to have an NFL career, period. OB has already said that Tom Savage will get the start, which should provide those of us eager to see how well he's developed a longer look at him. Of course, the usual caveats apply in that he's going to be playing with backups and players fighting for a spot on this roster (or any roster), and he's going to be playing against guys in the same situation, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a somewhat sloppy game.

Of the 10 alleged spots left on the roster, who do you think will be filling them, and what do you hope to see tonight? Countdown to kickoff in the comments below!

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