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Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. Dallas Cowboys Part Duh

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It's the fourth preseason game, and these guys are being the best teammates they can be. Which is really very sweet.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

What I learned in the first half of this game:

  • Our offensive line depth is puke-tastic.  I mean, it's really bad.
  • Our defensive line depth isn't bad.  Christian Covington is a promising role player, and veteran Fili Moala might make the roster after a solid first half.
  • We need a safety to step up.  I'd love to see Lonnie Ballentine be that guy, and he had a pretty good first half.  Eddie Pleasant is not that guy.
  • We need Keshawn Martin to fumble at least 20 more times in the second half.  At least.
  • Jason Garrett looks like a pumpkin of hate.
  • I hope kdentify brought matches to the stadium.
  • Intentionality.
  • Tom Savage has solid backup qualities.  I don't think he's a starter.

Well, shoot, the game has started, and I haven't finished this post.  Keith Mumphrey just got walloped on the opening kickoff, so it's time to publish and hope I hit 150 words.

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