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Houston Texans Do Not Place Arian Foster On Injured Reserve With Designation To Return

After he got hurt on the first day of training camp practice, it was feared Arian Foster could lost for a good chunk of the 2015 regular season. With the Texans' refusal to place Foster on short-term injured reserve, however, the star running back could be back quicker than you think.

Is good news on the horizon for Arian Foster and the Texans?
Is good news on the horizon for Arian Foster and the Texans?
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Houston Texans finalized their first 53-man roster of the 2015 season, one of the names listed on that active roster was Arian Foster's. That in and of itself qualifies as major news.

A little more than a month ago, the Texans' star running back suffered a significant groin injury. Initial fear was that the injury could be season-ending. The narrative then shifted toward Foster being placed on the injured reserve list with a designation to return, which would have kept him on the shelf for the first eight (8) games of the regular season. That prognosis picked up speed in the immediate aftermath of Foster's successful surgery, though some theorized the recovery period could be markedly shorter. Indeed, more recent reports have skewed optimistic that Foster could be back as early as sometime between Week Two and Week Four.

The Texans' decision to keep Foster on the active roster to start the season, as opposed to the short-term injured reserve, would seem to indicate that the team thinks he'll be ready to return before Week 8.  Or, at the very least, that they want to keep their options open for the possibility of him returning before Week 8.  Although we may find out a bit more when Arian speaks with the media in a few days (but probably not much, as the Texans aren't likely to volunteer any information they don't have to disclose), it bodes well for the offense going forward.

Happy Labor Day indeed.

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