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Report: Matt Cassel Chooses To Re-Sign With Bills Despite Offer From Texans

After being cut by the Bills just a few days ago, the former Patriots QB had options about what to do next. One of those options was apparently playing under Bill O'Brien again in Houston.

Coulda been a Texan?
Coulda been a Texan?
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans currently have two former New England Patriots quarterbacks on their roster. With Tom Savage being sent to injured reserve for the year, the team has an opening for a third signal-caller if they want to carry three (3) QBs this year. It appears maintaining a troika of QBs is something they're serious about doing, and it should come as no surprise that one of their targets has a history with the Patriots.

Matt Cassel was cut by the Bills on Saturday, which meant he was free to sign anywhere he wanted. Cassel chose to re-sign with Buffalo this morning, but the man had options.

The Texans could--and have!--done a lot worse than Matt Cassel at QB, so you won't see me flipping out over this report. What say you? Even though Cassel won't be coming to Houston, do you believe the Texans should carry three QBs on the roster this year? Or are Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett enough QB goodness for you?

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