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2016 Houston Texans Training Camp Live: Day Two

Join BRB as Day Two of Texans training camp commences, with the return of DeAndre Hopkins.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Football in its most basic form has returned and, boy, has it been missed. I know I've missed it when Bill O'Brien gets asked about various things from the world of pop culture.

Though the news that DeAndre Hopkins was ending his holdout was welcomed by Texans fans, it wasn't all fun and games yesterday, as right tackle Derek Newton was carted off with a hamstring injury. An MRI of Newton's hamstring would later reveal a strain, which multiple reports have confirmed will keep Newton out for a few weeks. This will most likely lead to a variety of players seeing snaps over the next few days. So for all you fans of Kendall Lamm out there, be sure to watch this space.

We also got a look at the potential defensive front three sans J.J. Watt.

No real surprises there in terms of formation, but it'll be interesting to see if there is any cycling in or out of Jeoffrey Pagan or Brandon Dunn from that group. There was also admiration for University of Cumberlands product Wendell Williams, who used his 4.2 speed to burn quite a few DBs on day one. There is also potentially an heir to the Lestar Jean Camp Superstar Throne in Josh Lenz, who impressed with several catches on Sunday. Now all we need is the disappointing play in the regular season, and he'll really be able to live up to the CampStar legend. We also had a Human Coke Machine sighting:

Ah, 2010.  A simpler time. A time where I could happily ignore the impending pick-six apocalypse because I got to watch Vonta Leach bulldoze human beings while Arian Foster sliced through defenses so easily he made them all look like Colts defenders.

Anyway, this is your open thread for the second day of camp. Feel free to drop any tweets, links, or insightful observations on all things Texans training camp related in to the comments below, and enjoy.