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2016 NFL Free Agency

If it concerns 2016 free agent news, rumors, signings, or is tangentially related to any of the foregoing, Texans-related or not, you should be able to find it here.

Of Mules And Men - Act II

This is the second act of the saga which tells of Brock Osweiler's exodus from Denver and his arrival in Houston. It may or may not be based on actual events.

John Sullivan Cut, Patrick Lewis Waived

Those two veteran centers some Texans fans were hoping the team would chase in trade? They're both available now.

Texans Sign Veteran Defensive End

Just two days after the first preseason game, the first roster move has been made.

Which Texans Stood Out In Preseason Opener Against 49ers?

The game may have been just shy of meaningless, but that doesn’t mean certain players didn’t make an impression. See who Texans fans are talking about the day after.

Of Mules And Men - A Tragicomedy In Three Acts

Today we bring you the first act of a three act saga telling the real story behind Brock Osweiler's move from Denver to Houston; or at least how I'd like to imagine it went.

John Elway "Surprised" Brock Osweiler Not Happy About Benching

This summer's most melodramatic and petty relationship saga just won't seem to end.

Tennessee Titans Sign Andre Johnson

But is this different than the all-time Texans great's decision to sign with the Colts last year? Texans fans answer that question and react to the news on Battle Red Blog.

Should James Ihedigbo Be On The Texans' Radar?

The veteran free agent safety says he'd love to play for his hometown team. Should the Houston Texans oblige?

Allbright Gives New Details On Osweiler Departure

CBS Sports writer Benjamin Allbright joined Sports Radio 610's morning show to discuss Brock Osweiler's departure from Denve and gave a few new detail tidbits about his time in Denver and his change to being "The Guy" in Houston.

Traitor Spotted At Traitors' Facility Doing Traitorous And Treasonous Things

Andre Johnson was seen can't even write it. You'll have to read it for yourself.

Arian Foster Signs With Miami Dolphins

The greatest running back in Texans history has now officially switched places with Lamar Miller.

Houston Texans Sign Ra'Zahn Howard

The defensive tackle from Purdue wasn't drafted today, but he still finds himself embarking on a career in the NFL with the Texans.

BRB's Brett Kollmann Guests On Two NFL Podcasts

Your weekly Monday morning dose of Texans hype is here.

George Godsey Praises Brock Osweiler

The people who are actually around the Texans' new quarterback day in and day out have nothing but good things to say. Find out what Brock Osweiler is doing to earn that praise.

PFF Strikes Again: Why Osweiler Could Struggle

PFF's campaign against Osweiler-to-Houston continues, this time with data (sort of).

Why Brock Osweiler Left Denver

Darren McKee, a Denver beat writer, delivers inside insight about why Brock Osweiler left the Broncos for the Texans on Sports Radio 610.

The Film Room (Episode 14): Breaking Down Brock Osweiler

Is Brock Osweiler worth $18 million per year? Let's see what the tape says.

PFF: Texans Signing Osweiler "Worst Move" Of Offseason

The worst? As in, no other move by any NFL team topped it? Well, then. Battle Red Blog looks into the claim.

Houston Texans Roster Moves: One Signing, One Cut

Today the Texans made the dream of one man come true, while setting up a roadblock in another man's dream of playing in the NFL.

Jason La Canfora: "Tears," "Disappointment" Coming

It would seem the the CBS Sports "NFL Insider" is considerably less bullish on the Texans' new quarterback than the fans are.

Ranking The Texans' Offseason Performance

This is a good thing, according to one media outlet. Good thing they determine champions by offseason performance!

Featured Fanshot

The Texans' 2016 Offseason In Photographic Form

Guess Which NFL Team Is Signing Garrett Graham?

I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Panthers Remove Franchise Tag From Josh Norman

That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Could the cornerback make his way to the AFC South?

Houston Texans Cut Brian Hoyer

The roster move we have all anticipated for weeks has finally taken place.

Houston Texans Re-Sign Quentin Demps

The Texans retain strong safety Quintin Demps for the 2016 season with a one-year contract. Read the details and join the conversation with fans on Battle Red Blog.

Denver Broncos Sign Jared Crick

The defensive end, drafted by the Texans in 2012, has decided to head to the Rockies. Houston fans react on Battle Red Blog.

Houston Texans Re-Sign Brandon Weeden

One more nail in the coffin for Brian Hoyer.

Houston Texans Re-Sign A.J. Bouye

After seeing what was out there on the open market, the young restricted free agent cornerback chose to stay with the only NFL team he's ever known.

Arian Foster To Visit Miami Dolphins

The greatest running back in Texans history is starting to take steps toward finding a new home. That doesn't mean it'll happen quickly, though. Read why on Battle Red Blog.

New England Patriots Sign Nate Washington

Droptimus Prime has a new home.

Brock Osweiler Organizing Workouts For Texans

The new quarterback of the Houston Texans isn't waiting until OTAs to get work in with his new teammates.

Denver Broncos Sign Russell Okung

The free agent left tackle signed a rather unique deal with his new team. In the land of NFL contracts, this is a weird one.

Jonathan Grimes Signs One-Year Deal With Texans

Houston adds one more running back to inject some competition into the offseason workout process.

Houston Texans Sign Antonio Allen To One-Year Deal

With a need for depth in the secondary, the Houston Texans add a veteran coming off a season-ending injury. Find out more details about the Texans' latest acquisition on Battle Red Blog.

Houston Texans Podcast: Houston Got A Quarterback

LIVE tonight at 7 p.m. CDT, Matt Weston and BFD hand review what just happened in free agency and discuss what free agents the Texans could go after.