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2016 NFL Playoffs

Super Bowl 51 Preview

Matt Weston wrote this article a lot of times for the Texans games. Now he writes it for the BIG GAME.

Super Bowl 51 Predictions

Hey! Look! We are making really bad Super Bowl predictions.

Matt Schaub Returning To Houston In Super Bowl LI

Schaub and former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan headline seven former Texans players and coach who will be in Houston for Super Bowl LI with the Falcons.

2017 AFC Championship Game Live: Steelers v. Patriots

We’re all Steelers fans today. Let’s chat about the game and Snapbook Live inside.

2017 NFC Championship Game Live: Packers v. Falcons

Aaron Rodgers leads the Cheeseheads into Atlanta to take on Matt Ryan and the Dirty Birds. Chit-chat about the game here.

2017 NFL Playoffs: Conference Championship Game Predictions

The BRB staff gives their conference championship predictions. One of us will get these right and feel very smart and look pretty in the mirror for once.

Texans Offseason Needs

Houston has earned a second consecutive division title and playoff berth, but they still have several positions of need to address in the offseason.

This Week in BRB Group Think: Breaking Belichick

The BRB staff tackles one of the great mysteries of our time - what realistic things can this Houston Texans team do to defeat the New England Patriots in Foxborough?

Texans 27, Raiders 14 : Post-Game Recap/Final Score

The Texans beat the already bruised Raiders to move on to the next round.

Texans 20, Raiders 7: Fourth Quarter Live

Please don’t kill my vibe.