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Happy New Year From Battle Red Blog

2016 could get off to a memorable start if the Houston Texans take care of business on Sunday. BRB wishes everyone in the community a prosperous new year that hopefully includes a playoff game at NRG Stadium.

It's even Battle Red.
It's even Battle Red.
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

/blows kazoo


With the arrival of a new year comes a renewal of hope. That hope surely takes many forms, but I imagine one iteration is that 2016 will bring a return to the postseason for our Houston Texans. As of the time of this writing, that hope is not yet reality, though it is so close we can almost reach out and touch it. With any luck--and I do mean ANY luck--we'll be talking about the scheduling of the first home playoff game at NRG Stadium since 2013 by mid-afternoon Sunday.  The final regular season weekend of the 2015 NFL regular season should result in the first Texans playoff game next weekend.  That's a helluva way to start the calendar, ain't it?

From all of us here at Battle Red Blog, we wish every last one of you and yours a joyful and memorable new year. May 2016 surprise you with its awesomeness.

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