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2015 NFL Playoffs: Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

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Morning, all. Yesterday the AFC played its Wild Card round. Today, the NFC is on center stage, with the first wild card game starting in Minnesota this afternoon.

It's gonna be cold!
It's gonna be cold!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks announced on Friday night that Marshawn Lynch would ultimately not be available for today's game. Lynch had missed almost half the season after abdominal surgery, but had been practicing this past week in anticipation that he would be available for the Seahawks' game. Reports have indicated that Lynch lacked "explosion" and didn't feel ready to play. Without Lynch (and Jimmy Graham) in the lineup, the Seahawks didn't crumble, which has led to questions on whether Lynch would be back next season. That's all in the future, of course.

Today, the Seahawks and Vikings will play in the miserable cold that is the Minnesota outdoors in January. The forecast calls for a high of 1 (yes, 31 degrees below freezing). The Vikings may have a slight advantage in that Mike Zimmer designated the north sideline as their home sideline, so that they should be in sunlight all or most of the game. In an effort to help their fans stay warm (or be a little less cold), the Vikings are taking over a hockey arena as a warming station for fans to use as necessary.

The Vikings will have All-Pro Adrian Peterson available, which should help Teddy Bridgewater today. For the Vikes to win, they have to protect Teddy B and run the ball.

With that in mind, let's settle in for the third game of this weekend to see which team goes further into the playoffs.

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