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2015 NFL Playoffs: Green Bay at Washington

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Afternoon, y'all. We're settling in to watch the final NFL game this weekend. Talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

I don't want to see lots of this this afternoon.
I don't want to see lots of this this afternoon.
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are in Washington today to play in the NFC Wild Card game.

The Packers fan in me hopes for a convincing victory by Mike McCarthy's men, but the Packers fan in me has witnessed this offense struggle throughout the season due to poor playcalling (that resulted in Tom Clements losing playcalling duties even though McCarthy publicly stated he needed to step back from calling plays to focus on all three phases of the game), injuries (come back, Jordy Nelson, David Bakhtiari, and Sam Shields), and a lack of focus and preparation (put down the donut, Eddie Lacy).

Washington has finally jettisoned the RGMe experiment in favor of Kirk Cousins, who may have done enough to earn him a big contract there or elsewhere. In the face of such a development, Griffin's relatives recently greeted him on the sidelines of the Cowboys game wearing a Cowboys "Griffin" jersey, because they have no chill.

The expectation is that Green Bay's pass defense will be tested against Cousins, and that the Packers' offensive line (which has been injured all season) will struggle against Washington's pass rush. This is the only game this weekend that has the home game favored to win, so the "experts" don't believe in Green Bay.

We're going to sit here and watch the fireworks. Chat away below.

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