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Pro Football Focus Grades The Texans In Their Horrific Playoff Loss To The Chiefs

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Because maybe you needed some different stats to show you precisely how awful various Texans were in the embarrassing wild card loss to Kansas City on Saturday afternoon.

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This was taken before the game even started.  It's like Brian Hoyer knew what was coming.
This was taken before the game even started. It's like Brian Hoyer knew what was coming.
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus has their grades out for various Texans from the complete arse-kicking administered by the Kansas City Chiefs at NRG Stadium two days ago. As always, you may find that you disagree with PFF's assessment, but they may also point out a thing or two you had not considered when you watched the game live. Enjoy.


Brian Hoyer picked the wrong time to have his worst performance of the year as he registered a -6.3 overall grade. When Hoyer faced no pressure, he completed just 9-of-24 (37.5%) attempts for 92 yards with three interceptions and an NFL QB rating of 9.7.

• Right tackle Derek Newton was Houston’s best offensive player with a +5.5 overall grade (his best of the season), including a +2.7 run blocking grade and a +2.5 pass blocking grade.

• It was a rough day for Nate Washington who finished with a -1.2 overall grade after hauling in just 1-of-6 targets for three yards with two interceptions and two dropped passes when targeted.

• Once again, DeAndre Hopkins was one of the few bright spots with a +1.1 overall rating, hauling in 6-of-11 targets for 69 with a long of 17 yards. He finished the year as a Top-5 wide receiver, ranking fourth overall by PFF with a +24.6 rating.

With Brian Hoyer completely imploding, no one's going to be devote too much space to lambasting Nate Washington, but Washington was totally abysmal on Saturday afternoon. The drops were outrageous.


J.J. Watt finished the season with another solid outing, posting a +4.0 overall rating to lead the defense, but he was only able to play 33 snaps on the day.

Whitney Mercilus has really come on for the Texans, posting a sixth-straight positive grade. He finished with a +2.3 overall grade after amassing three sacks, three stops, one QB hit and one hurry.

• Despite leading Houston with eight solo tackles, Brian Cushing (-2.5 overall) really struggled against the run, posting a team-worst -3.1 run defense grade.

John Simon was solid once again with a +2.8 overall rating, including a team-best +2.6 run defense grade. He finished with four tackles and three stops on the day in 47 snaps.

• Kansas City made a point to attack Kareem Jackson (-1.7 coverage rating), who allowed six receptions on seven targets for 88 yards with one touchdown and one pass defended and a long of 48 yards, including 38 yards after the catch.

I really don't have any issues with how Romeo Crennel's defense played on Saturday afternoon. Despite the offense doing worse than nothing all day, the defense frequently came up with stops and limited the Chiefs' scoring for a long period of time. The Texans' defense wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to win if the offense showed up.

In fact, that's not even fair. I thought the Texans ran the ball well, and the offensive line was better than I expected it to be. The failure of the offense was on the passing game and the quarterback. More on this in a subsequent post.

Special Teams:

Shane Lechler (+0.1 overall) netted 38.8 yards on his five punts with a long of 53 yards with two inside the 20. He allowed four returns for 34 yards on the day.

I've said it several times over the course of the past season, and I'm sure I'll say it several more over the course of the offseason. Shane Lechler did not play well in 2015. He's a Hall of Famer, but him returning to the Texans should not be a no-brainer.

Signature Stats:

• Brian Hoyer posted the worst QB rating of all the postseason QBs with a PFF QB rating of 45.02 and an NFL QB rating of 15.9. He completed only 15-of-34 passes for 136 yards, 4.00 yards per attempt with four interceptions, three sacks and four dropped passes.

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