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Houston Texans Retain 9 Players With Reserve Contracts

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Your Houston Texans are moving quickly to shape the team for 2016. Today they retained 9 players with reserve/future contracts. See who's on the list and join the conversation.

Now hiring...MANY positions...mostly on offense.
Now hiring...MANY positions...mostly on offense.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The dust still hasn't quite settled from the disastrous playoff game that ended the season for Houston two days ago, and the Texans are moving quickly to prepare for 2016.  Earlier today, they relieved three assistant coaches of their duties, including former special teams coordinator Bob Ligashesky, who offered this message afterward:

News is now surfacing to indicate that the front office has retained 9 players from the practice squad with reserve/future contracts.

The list includes:

TE Eric Tomlinson

WR Josh Lenz

RB Kenny Hilliard

OLB Gerald Rivers

Dalton Freeman

OLB Tony Washington

CB Robert Nelson

DE Dan Pettinato

One name that is missing from the list is WR Chandler Worthy.

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