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Was Brian Hoyer's Performance Against The Chiefs The Worst QB Play You've Ever Seen?

You know Brian Hoyer was horrible in the Texans' playoff to the Chiefs. But how bad was he? Battle Red Blog examines and discusses.

I don't know where this ball was going, but I have a fairly good idea where it ended up.
I don't know where this ball was going, but I have a fairly good idea where it ended up.
Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

That was the question that I pondered in the aftermath of the disaster that was the Texans' first playoff game in three years. Brian Hoyer's final stat line on the afternoon:

34 passing attempts.
15 completions.
Completion rate of 44.12%.
136 passing yards.
4.0 yards per passing attempt.
Passer rating of 15.9.
1 carry.
-1 rushing yards.
0 TDs.
4 INTs.
2 fumbles.
1 fumble lost.

Some historical context:

It's fair to debate where Hoyer's abysmal performance ranks in the pantheon of all-time awful quarterback play, and we can do that too. First, however, can you think of another quarterback that you've ever watched or know of who has laid the kind of egg Brian Hoyer did at NRG Stadium on Saturday afternoon?

My answer would be a resounding no.  The worst part of The Hoyering was that virtually all of it was completely done without him being pressured or hit.  Not to diminish the Chiefs' defensive effort against the Texans; a shutout is a shutout.  But Hoyer's turnovers were not the result of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense teeing off on him all day.  He frequently had time yet still made bad decision after bad decision.  It was truly unlike anything I've ever seen, and I'm a freaking Texans fan.

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