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Bob McNair Doesn't Appear To Have Any Plans To Replace Rick Smith As Texans' General Manager

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The Texans' owner met with the media late yesterday, and he continued to say what he always says--that Rick Smith is doing a fine job as the Texans' general manager. But does that mean the talk of a promotion for Smith is out of the question?

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Back during the darkest days of the 2015 NFL regular season, when the Houston Texans were 2-5 and coming off a humiliating thrashing at the hands of the Miami Dolphins, you may recall Brian Smith's report about "[the] growing divide between [Bill] O'Brien's vision for [the] team and [Rick] Smith's say in [the] organization." Shortly after that, the Texans parted ways with Ryan Mallett and the team promptly went on a 7-2 kick to finish the regular season, resulting in a division championship and a playoff berth.

Still, recall that there has been talk about Rick Smith "transitioning" or being "promoted" to a job beyond general manager since the end of the 2014 season. Some thought that move could be due to an increase in O'Brien's power within the organization, while others speculated it could be due in part to the Texans' desire to keep Brian Gaine in Houston.

Publicly, Bob McNair says that's not happening. He spoke with the Houston media after last night's announcement about the Rams moving to Los Angeles, and he certainly didn't sound like a man who plans on making a change in his front office. John McClain had the story, which provided in part:

McNair reiterated that Smith and O’Brien will be back working together for a third consecutive year. It’ll be Smith’s 11th year as general manager.

"I think Rick’s done a good job," McNair said in response to a question about Smith’s job being safe.

"I see no reason they (Smith and O’Brien) can’t (work together). They’ve been working together. They’re bright, and they’re independent and they express their opinions.

"They don’t always agree 100 percent of the time. I don’t agree with them 100 percent of the time. We talk about our differences, sit down and resolve them and try to make good decisions. That’s what management’s all about."

While these things can always change and McNair didn't rule out (perhaps because he wasn't directly asked) Rick Smith being moved to a role outside of the arena of player personnel, it sounds like Rick will embark upon his tenth offseason as general manager of your Houston Texans. Do you think he should continue in that role? Vote in the the poll and explain yourself in the Comments below.