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2015 NFL Playoffs (Divisional Round): Green Bay Packers v. Arizona Cardinals

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The reigning MVP takes on the potential future MVP. Who comes out on top? Talk playoffs live on Battle Red Blog.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers got their collective asses handed to them a few weeks ago during a quick road trip to Arizona, and now they are back for round two in the divisional playoffs. The Cardinals are coming off of a bye week following their embarrassing loss to the Seahawks in Week 17; knowing Bruce Arians, he probably won't be taking his foot off of the gas pedal until that bad taste is permanently washed out of his mouth. As for Green Bay, they finally seemed to get out of their offensive funk against Washington last week in the opening round of the 2015 NFL Playoffs by putting up 35 total points, their highest total since Week 3 against the Chiefs.

If I had to bet which one of these NFC power houses is going to advance to the NFC Championship game next weekend, I would comfortably take Arizona more often than not. That being said, betting against Aaron Rodgers when his back is against the wall is usually a good way to look like an idiot. Knowing me, I'll probably look like an idiot either way.

Cardinals 30, Packers 13. Book it.