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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Texans Take QB, RB In First Two Rounds

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Bison and Tide, together in Houston

David Purdy/Getty Images

Here's the question: would taking a running back that actually seems like a first-round talent in the second round make you feel better about taking a first-round QB that you absolutely despise?

For me, the answer is no. But that's exactly where I find myself after looking at Dan Kadar's latest mock draft for SBNation.

In the first, Kadar has Houston taking Carson Wentz, the QB from North Dakota State University. That's been a popular mock pick over the past week--Mel Kiper Jr. made the same choice for Houston in a recent mock--and it is one that I hope does not come to fruition. I am not a believer in Wentz at all. In fact, when his name started being hyped as a possible early round draft pick in mid-season, I made it a point to watch an NDSU game, just to see what the fuss was about. I came away thinking that he was going to be the most overrated player in the draft, and these early mocks seem to bear that out.

In addition to playing against lesser competition (Wentz played one game against an FBS school in his entire career, and that was Iowa State, who barely counts), Wentz also has an annoying habit of throwing off his back foot and rushing bad throws when the pocket collapses in front of him. He's also pretty inaccurate on deep throws, to the extent that even a wide open WR is not a gimme completion deep.

Granted, this is a QB-poor draft to be sure. That said, the idea of taking Wentz (or any of the 2016 QBs) with the #22 pick, simply because the team needs a QB, is a recipe for failure. Just looking at the people still on the board at 22 in Kadar's draft, I'd much rather have Spencer Drango (OT, Baylor).

In the second round, Kadar mocks Heisman winner Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama, to your Houston Texans. In a vacuum, I like Henry as a second-round pick. I think he can be a good pro RB, and that's certainly a position of need for the Texans if the reports about Arian Foster's departure are true.

Overall, what are your thoughts on this mock? Who would you rather have (if anyone) with either or both of these picks?