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NRG Stadium Update: On Wi-Fi, Field Surface, And More

Two of the biggest criticisms of the Houston Texans' home field may be getting much better this offseason. Texans fans discuss on Battle Red Blog.

You may not even need those AOL CDs to connect to the internet next season.
You may not even need those AOL CDs to connect to the internet next season.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who's been to a Houston Texans game at NRG Stadium knows that getting a functional and consistent wireless signal is a challenge. It's basically been a tomb for cell phones. Things got a little better this past season, especially for Verizon customers, but the situation was still far from acceptable. Thanks to the Super Bowl coming back to Houston next year, it appears NRG Stadium will be dragged kicking and screaming into the wireless age before the 2016 NFL season begins. Aaron Wilson has the latest.

Having a Wi-Fi network in place for fans to be able to access social media, videos and playing fantasy football is a priority for NRG Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LI next year. And Rootes expressed confidence in how the enhancements will upgrade fans’ experience at games.

"Our fans at Texans games, at the rodeo and at the Super Bowl, will have the best connectivity of any sports stadium on the planet," Rootes said. "It’s going to be state-of-the-art and meet all Super Bowl expectations."

Hear that? Not connectivity. Not good connectivity. It's gonna be "...the best connectivity of any sports stadium on the planet." Why, you might even have a chance to comment on BRB while at a Texans game! Wonders never cease!

Wilson's article also has this update on the field surface situation at NRG Stadium, which was forced into flux in the middle of the NFL season last year after sporadic complaints throughout prior years.

The Texans and NRG Stadium are still determining what type of surface they’ll play on next season at NRG Stadium after installing artificial turf for the remainder of their season after the Kansas City Chiefs complained about discoloration and seams in within the natural grass tray system during the season-opener. The Texans, who have long preferred natural grass, are tenants at NRG Stadium, which is operated by SMG and Harris County.

"We’re currently in conversations internally and with Harris County about that," Rootes said. "We don’t have a firm direction yet."

What are your thoughts on the field situation at NRG Stadium? Barring the ability to bring in an entire grass field at one time like Arizona does, should the Texans abandon the notion of playing on grass at home?