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If The Houston Texans Started A Ring Of Honor, Who Would The First Five Inductees Be?

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Houston copying something the Cowboys did? I'm just as disgusted as you are. It's not actually happening, but let's talk hypothetically about a Texans Ring of Honor.

Bob, you're in.  Cal, we're still reviewing your application.
Bob, you're in. Cal, we're still reviewing your application.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Love 'em Hate 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that the Dallas Cowboys have been innovators. Some of the landmark events associated with that franchise have been clear violations of the penal code (e.g., Michael Irvin taking felonious exception to a teammate refusing to yield the barber's chair to him), while others have been far more laudable. Historic, even. To that end, you have to give a bit of credit to Tex Schramm for pioneering the idea of a "Ring of Honor", no matter how laughable you might find Jerry Jones presiding over the franchise that popularized the idea or how insane it might strike you that A DUDE WHO STABBED ANOTHER DUDE IN THE NECK WITH A PAIR OF FREAKING SCISSORS is a member of said Ring.

Put that aside for a moment. This sponsored post has a legends theme to it, so let us tweak the concept of a Ring of Honor to fit both the purpose of this post and your Houston Texans. If the Houston Texans were to institute a Ring of Honor of their own, who would the first five (5) inductees be? Note that the inductee need not be a player; it can be anyone associated with the Texans whose contributions to the organization were significant enough to warrant eternal praise. Fire off your first five and your reasoning for each one in the Comments below.

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