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Houston Texans Injury News: Kevin Johnson Has Surgery Today, With Another Procedure On Tap In The Coming Weeks

Don't question the pain tolerance of the 2015 first round pick of the Houston Texans. Check out how long cornerback Kevin Johnson played through serious injury that would have sidelined many others during his rookie season.

Smile, Kevin.  That hat is rad.
Smile, Kevin. That hat is rad.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you, but I imagine walking with a fractured foot would be uncomfortable on your best day.  Running with a fractured foot would surely increase the pain level.

Taking things a step further, playing defensive back in the NFL with a fractured foot strikes me as quite impractical. And playing defensive back in the NFL with a fractured foot as a rookie? That's even harder to fathom. But Kevin Johnson did it, and now he's getting it fixed.

Unfortunately, today's procedure won't be the last surgery of the offseason for K-Jo.

In the full story stemming from those tweets, Wilson wrote:

Texans rookie standout cornerback Kevin Johnson is undergoing foot surgery Wednesday in Charlotte, N.C.

Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson, a foot and ankle specialist who’s the Carolina Panthers’ team doctor, is performing the procedure.

A stress fracture in his fifth metarsal of his foot, commonly known as a Jones fracture, is being repaired. The Jones fracture was discovered with a month left in the season and Johnson played through the painful injury.

Johnson also is slated to have surgery in two to three weeks for a broken left wrist he played through during the Texans’ 30-0 playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. He left the game after recording three tackles.

Johnson is expected to recover from both injuries in time for offseason practices.

Consequently, it would seem the up-and-down nature of Johnson's rookie season (though I'd still argue it was considerably more "up" than "down") now has one more legitimate underpinning beyond the fabled "rookie wall." Here's wishing K-Jo a speedy and complete recovery.