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Saturday's Alright For Commenting: January 23, 2016

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S.N.O.T. is back in season. Hold on to your butts, BRB.

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Hello, strangers. If you're new here -- Welcome! -- this is Battle Red Blog's weekly offseason open thread to discuss whatever it is you want to discuss. You can discuss how to properly throw a discus, for example.

I'm not ready for the offseason, I'm sad to say. There's 2.5 weeks left in the season and I'm dreading having to re-figure out what to do on my Sundays again. The 2015 season felt a lot longer than others, and not just because of the Texans' playoff game (which I'm working night and day to forget about). Perhaps it was the roller coaster-like quality of the Texans' play that made the season more memorable and, thus, seem longer.

Either way, I've forgotten what to do on Sundays, so feel free to discuss that down below. Here's a good place to start.

OR we can talk about the upcoming Conference Championship games featuring the Denver Broncos hosting the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers hosting the Arizona Cardinals. While I'd love to see a 2003 rematch, I'll be pulling for Peyton Manning to pull off the upset and take on Cam Newton's Panthers in the Superb Owl.

And listen, I loathe (but respect) Peyton as much as the next Texans fan, but seeing him hoist a Lombardi trophy one more time before announcing his retirement would be pretty dang cool. John Elway did the same thing, and he's currently the Vice President/General Manager of the Broncos... who also hired Gary Kubiak... who used to be Elway's backup. The storylines write themselves, people.

Though I do love what the Panthers have done this season. Their running game is a joy to watch and their defense is amazing, and that takes away nothing from Newton's performance this season -- he's my MVP without a doubt.

OR we can talk about movies (sans the Oscars politics); what was your favorite this year? Star Wars VII right? RIGHT?

Feel free to discuss this, or anything else that you can think of this fine Saturday night (within the community guidelines of course).