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2015 NFL Playoffs (AFC Championship Game): New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

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Peyton Manning. Tom Brady. AFC Championship. Watch the game and discuss it with your fellow BRBers in our open thread.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This year, the AFC wasn't a session of Lone Wolves Matchmaking. It was a Team Slayer battle between the Patriots and Broncos. Every week has headed straight for this matchup, and now here it is. Today, these two will play each other for the chance to represent the AFC in the SUPER BOWL.

It's probably the last Manning-Brady battle ever, or as everyone on the internet has called it, Brady v. Manning and the Denver defense, amiright? Or as I like to call it, Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak against Bill Belichick. Regardless, today may be the end of an era. One of the AFC monarchs may see his last game.

Anyways, watch the game in our thread below, and add to your experience by putting another screen in front of your face and commenting as the game progresses. I'm sure it will be a roaring time.

Enjoy the game, and doing whatever it is that you do.