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Sunday Night-ish Food Thread (SNiFT): January 24, 2016

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Welcome to the premiere of SNiFT, yet another desperate attempt to post material during the wasteland that is the offseason.

Food good.  Beer good.
Food good. Beer good.
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Welcome to the premiere of SNiFT, yet another desperate attempt to post material during the wasteland that is the offseason.  Each Sunday, normally at night, I'll post one of my recipes or food pr0n.  Because of the playoff games this evening, this one's being posted a little earlier than normal.

Consider this just a generally open thread, not unlike S.N.O.T. /Melville'd

More often than not, I try to eat healthy.  I'm trying to remove as much of the "f" from bfd as possible, and I'm also running and lifting these days.  Every morning during the week, I make a green smoothie with the base ingredients of kale, yogurt, banana, protein powder, and coconut oil.  Lunches usually consist of a lean protein and a salad, and my dinners are very light, if they happen at all.

For football games, though?  That's a completely different story.  I make what I like to call "football food," or the stuff I really enjoy eating but my old, fat ass can't really do it anymore.

Today for the games, I'm making nature's perfect food: Chili Cheese Tater Tots.  Not as a side dish, either.  This is a heaping mound of tater tots covered in chili and cheese, just as Mother Nature herself intended.

Now, let's be clear before we get too deep.  In my never humble opinion, there are basically two types of chili.  First, there's "meal" chili.  This is a bowl full of thick, hearty goodness that took at least a couple hours to make.  For this chili, you rehydrate the peppers and blend them, and the meat comes in chunks.

This ain't that kind of chili.  The second type is more of an accompaniment chili, like hot dog chili.  I don't mean that watery crap that looks like, ummmmm, crap that's served at James Coney Island.  Yes, this chili is on the thin side, but it tastes a helluva lot better.  So here we go!

bfd's Chili Cheese Tater Tots

1 T bacon fat - You do cook your bacon in the oven and keep the grease, don't you?
1 lb ground meat - I normally use 85/15 beef, but when making bigger batches, I'll go half with pork. Chicken and turkey are also options.
1/2 onion chopped
2 T chopped garlic
4 T ancho chili powder - Normal chili powder will also work
1 T chipotle chili powder or one small can chipotles in adobo - Spice depends on your audience.
2 t cumin, preferably whole
1 cup total of any combination of broth, red wine, or water - I normally use 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup red wine, and a one cup serving of bouillon.^
Salt and pepper to taste
Tater tots and cheese. Duh.

^ Beer is also a great option here, but I've adapted most of my recipes to be gluten free because of the family.

Make the tater tots in your style.

Begin browning the meat and onions in the bacon fat over medium high heat.  Once it's about half done, add the garlic, chili powders, and cumin and continue to brown.  Once the flavors of the spices start filling the kitchen, and the liquid.  Adding the liquid now helps you to break the meat up into smaller chunks, turning it into more of the hot dog chili versus the hearty chili. Boil off any moisture to get to your desired thickness.  I sometimes add cornmeal to make it just a little thicker.

Pour this delightful concoction on your mound of tater tots and cover in cheese.  Suggested accompaniments include sour cream, chives, and bacon.  Remove pants.  Eat.

Feel free to share your recipes below, or just talk about stuff.  Whatevs.  Normal community guidelines apply.