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2016 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Quarterbacks

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So, erm, I think the overwhelming majority of us are dissatisfied with the quarterback position right now. That's okay, because I hear there's a few of them available in the draft.

Is this the guy we'll start under center, or one of the many prospects available in the draft?
Is this the guy we'll start under center, or one of the many prospects available in the draft?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans currently have Brian Hoyer and Tom Savage under contract, with Brandon Weeden mentioning that he's interested in returning to Kirby. I am underwhelmed by that position right now, and my reconnaissance of the comments sections on here tells me that most of y'all are, too.

Taking a look at CBS and, I see that there are plenty of quarterback prospects available in 2016. Some of them, like Jacob Huesman or Blake Frohnapfel, will be aiming to make it as UDFAs. Others, like Paxton Lynch, Jared Goff, or Connor Cook, expect to be drafted--possibly overdrafted--on the first day of the draft.

In the NFL, teams either have their franchise quarterback, or they're looking for their franchise quarterback, so this is a position that will definitely get overdrafted due to desperation. The Texans currently sit at 22, which should be high enough to get someone who, with patience, can develop into a player a team is comfortable enough to work with for several years (possibly as they continue to search for their franchise QB, of course). Chatter continues to link Christian Hackenberg to the Texans due to Bill O'Brien formerly coaching Penn State, but nothing is a given in the NFL or in the draft.

What say you, BRBers? Which guys are you looking at? Which guys should we be looking at? Which guys can be molded into a franchise quarterback for the Texans in time? Or do we stay put with Hoyer and Savage and bring in a UDFA to compete with those two for a spot on the final 53? This is your QB prospects thread. Further, more-detailed posts about individual quarterbacks will be coming in due time from the Masthead.