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The Film Room: Christian Hackenberg 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report

The Film Room's biggest episode ever is finally here!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I have had a sneaking suspicion that Christian Hackenberg was going to be a hotly debated prospect ever since Penn State’s shockingly disastrous opening game against the Temple Owls in September, and so far that has proven to be true. Considering how unusual it is to see such an enormously talented (and hyped) true freshman quarterback drop off the face of the earth over his sophomore and junior seasons, I suppose it isn’t that surprising that nobody has really been able to "figure him out" yet in their projections. Some people (like myself) see him as a surefire first rounder, while others would be reluctant to touch him until the third day of the draft.

Opinions on Hackenberg are as volatile as his stat lines, but at the end of the day perhaps only one opinion in the entire world really matters when it comes to where he will be drafted – Bill O’Brien's. Hackenberg stayed fiercely loyal to O’Brien despite all of the turmoil surrounding the Penn State program during his recruiting process, and I suspect that loyalty is about to repaid with interest.

Hackenberg to the Texans in the first round. Book it.