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It's The Final Countdown (To Kickoff) Of The 2015 Regular Season: Texans v. Jaguars

We're heading to the playoffs, and we still stand tall. Talk about the Texans-Jaguars game before it happens on Battle Red Blog.

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It is impossible for you to comprehend how long I've been waiting and wanting to use this video in a Countdown to Kickoff thread (even though I really don't like this song).  We're finally here, at the Final Countdown of the Houston Texans' 2015 regular season.

With that out of the way, today the Texans are welcoming the surprisingly decent Jaguars at our house. If we win this game, regardless of what any other team does, the Texans clinch the AFC South and a spot in the playoffs. If we lose this game, depending on what happens in several other games, the Texans can still clinch the AFC South.

The AFC South has been little more than a laughingstock all season, with there being a chance that the division champion is sitting at .500, but recent signs indicate that power in the division may (finally) be shifting away from the Colts to the Texans (where it rightfully belongs). The Jaguars have, despite their win-loss record, been improving each year, too, and if Justin Blackmon ever masters his addiction and can come back from his indefinite suspension, they may finally be able to shed their recent history as a punching bag, leaving the Titans alone in last place. Blake Bortles (and Shad Khan's infinite patience) may work out to their benefit in the end. Today, however, we need the Texans to not just run the bus over the Jaguars, but to put the bus in reverse and run over them again, as we fight for a victory and the division crown.

This is your Countdown to Kickoff thread, where you're free to discuss what hope to see today, what you expect to see today, what would scare the living daylights out of you if you saw it today. Enjoy.

The Inactives thread will initially post around 10:40AM CST (and will be updated when the second team posts their inactives). The first quarter thread will open at 11:45AM CST. At 11:50AM CST, this thread will be locked.

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