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Texans To Play Chiefs In Wild Card Round

The regular season has reached its conclusion. The puzzle is solved. The Texans will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After a bunch of speculative scenarios reality has run its course, the Houston Texans will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. It's a Week One rematch, a game the Texans lost 27-20.

In that one, Brian Hoyer gave up two redzone turnovers. His first pass as a Texan was intercepted, and he lost a fumble after being sacked by Justin Houston. The Chiefs' team speed was too much, and they abused the Texans with screen passes. Ryan Mallett replaced Hoyer with six minutes left and the score at 27-9. He led some garbage time drives and made the game closer than it ever really was.

(Here's the link to Battle Red Blog's coverage of this game)

After that game, Kansas City played a bizarre stretch of football. They lost their next five games to Denver, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Minnesota. Then won their next ten after that. The turnaround is mostly due to strength of schedule. Their losses came to four playoff teams, and during their win streak they beat only two--Pittsburgh without Ben Roethlisberger, and a Denver with an injured Peyton Manning. That being said, the Chiefs are still a really good football team. They are 5th in DVOA (26.9%), 5th in offense DVOA, 11th in defense DVOA, and 7th in special teams DVOA.

Houston went from 2-5 to 9-7 with three different quarterbacks, thanks to scheme and personnel changes on the defense, a healthy offensive line, J.J. Watt destroying everything, and the ability to win with their quarterback, but not because of him.

As a result, the Texans will play the Chiefs in the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs.

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