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Week Seventeen Late Afternoon Games Thread: Playing for Pride

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Afternoon, all. We're here because we're football fanatics, and we watch ALL THE FOOTBALL the NFL provides to us (yes, even terrible Thursday Night games).

He's a legend. Hopefully the Raiders can send him off into the Hall of Fame with the taste of victory in his mouth.
He's a legend. Hopefully the Raiders can send him off into the Hall of Fame with the taste of victory in his mouth.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our Texans have just clinched a spot in the 2015 playoffs, and we're delirious about that, but old habits die hard, and we watch the NFL any time it comes on.

The Seahawks are at the Cardinals in an NFC West matchup. Both of these teams have already clinched playoff spots, so this game may be less intense than you'd expect a divisional game to be in an effort to protect injured stars and get them into their first playoff game healthy.

The Buccaneers are visiting the Panthers in an NFC South division game. The Panthers have already clinched, and the Buccs are playing for pride at this point, but seeing Jameis Winston against that Carolina defense should be interesting.

The Chargers are at the Broncos in an AFC West division game. The Chargers spent what they hope will be their final season in San Diego hovering around the drain, and recently made negative headlines with the incident involving Eric Weddle and a halftime performance by his child. Weddle won't be playing today, so last week was his final game for the Chargers. There are other Chargers who are thought to be on their way out, including the coach. The Broncos will be starting Brock Osweiler with Peyton Manning in the role of backup. Gary Kubiak seems poised to enter the playoffs behind Osweiler, which should prove interesting if he follows up on that.

HOF-bound Charles Woodson plays his final game ever today as the Raiders are in Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The Chiefs will be missing Justin Houston, and Jamaal Charles was lost earlier in the season, so Alex Smith's ability to quarterback the team to victories (thanks to Andy Reid's skill in calling games that account for Smith's anti-awesomeness) has been surprising. This AFC West game may impact who the Texans play next week.

Jeff Fisher, despite rarely leading his teams to winning seasons, is safe in St. Louis (though, if Kroenke gets his way, the Rams won't be playing there next season). He's starting Case Keenum, who will be trying to prove he should be kept and taken along wherever they play next season. Aaron Donald is getting serious discussion as a DPOY, but there is nothing interesting about watching the 49ers this season. This NFC West game is between two teams that aren't in the playoffs.