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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: January 30, 2016

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Here be dragons. It's the Saturday Night Open Thread!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, dear readers, and welcome to this week's iteration of the most thought-provoking, compelling and trend-setting discussion post on perhaps all of the internet.

Are you watching the Pro Bowl tomorrow? Despite the low quality of the game and the relatively low effort by the players, it still garners a ton of viewers. Over the years, they've tinkered with the format in order to keep it relevant to fans. There used to be a skills competition, but that got nixed, presumably due to lack of fan interest. The game was also moved to a week before the Super Bowl instead of the week after. And most recently, they did away with the AFC vs. NFC format and adopted a school yard-style picking of rosters by two team captains. Have these changes kept your interest in the Pro Bowl throughout the years?

Crawfish season is around the corner. How strong is your peel-and-eat game? What's your crawfish rate per minute? You don't let someone else peel them for you, right? Also, where are the best spots in Houston to go grub?

Feel free to talk about this or anything else you want on this beautiful Saturday night. Stay within the community guidelines and have at it, BRB.