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2015 NFL Playoff Odds: Should The Kansas City Chiefs Be Favored To Beat The Houston Texans?

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The Chiefs won two more games than the Texans did during the 2015 regular season, and they're riding a ten-game winning streak. Should they be the favorite heading into Saturday's playoff game?

This won't be the same Texans defense the Chiefs faced in Week One.
This won't be the same Texans defense the Chiefs faced in Week One.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When it became clear yesterday that the 9-7 Houston Texans would host the 11-5 Kansas City Chiefs in the first playoff game of the 2015 postseason, oddsmakers immediately installed the Chiefs as a three-point favorite over the Texans in Saturday afternoon's upcoming contest. My understanding of the general sentiment in bookmaking communities (and please, tell me if I'm wrong about this) is that homefield advantage is usually considered to be worth about three points. Thus, the current line could be viewed as people who do this for a living saying that the Chiefs would actually be closer to six-point favorites if the teams met on a neutral field instead of at NRG Stadium.

Nevertheless, the line opened at and remains at Kansas City -3, with an Over/Under that has crept slightly down to 40 from where it opened at 41. How do those numbers strike you? Should the Chiefs be favored to beat the Texans on Saturday? If so, is a field goal the correct spread?

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