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Indianapolis Colts To Keep Ryan Grigson, Chuck Pagano; Houston Texans Fans Applaud

Despite a season full of conflict and failure, reports out of Indianapolis are that the Colts will not make a change at head coach or general manager. Texans fans react on Battle Red Blog.

We're pumped too, Jim.
We're pumped too, Jim.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

For much of the 2015 season, it was widely considered a foregone conclusion by NFL observers that the Indianapolis Colts would not renew Chuck Pagano's contract, barring a deep run in the playoffs. When the Colts failed to earn a playoff berth, Pagano's fate was sealed; the only question was whether Jim Irsay would send Ryan Grigson packing as well. Pagano met with Colts players earlier today and apparently didn't know what would happen. Tonight, we found out that instead of making a change, Irsay decided to sign Pagano to a contract extension...

...and chose to double-down on the GM-Head Coach partnership, retaining Grigson as Indianapolis' general manager as well.

Remember how Texans fans were bummed to see the Titans fire Ken Whisenhunt? I submit that we should be positively enthused that the Colts will continue to employ Grigson and Pagano. Our colleagues at Stampede Blue have done yeoman work chronicling precisely why Pagano should go and why Grigson should follow him out the door; to say Colts fans are baffled by tonight's development is putting it lightly.

From the perspective of Texans fans, Irsay's decision to keep the band together in Indianapolis would seem to bode well for Houston's success in 2016 and beyond.

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