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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Texans Finish Regular Season Within the Top 12 Teams

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Another win, another boost in the power rankings for Bill O'Brien and company.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans finished strong with a dominant victory over the Jaguars in Week 17, which has been rewarded with a slight bump in most national media power rankings. Here is where Houston stands going into their crucial wild card showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.



Last Week


SB Nation


13 (no change)




14 (up 1)

J.J. Watt (17.5 sacks) is not alone as teammate Whitney Mercilus finished with 12.0 sacks, most by a Texan not named Watt since 2008 (Mario Williams, 12.0).


15 (up 3)

Who would've thought the Texans would be 9-7 a second straight season after the way this campaign started? Bill O'Brien might not receive many Coach of the Year votes, but he sure could stake a claim. Interesting that the tumultuous beginning of Houston's 2015 commenced with an ugly Week 1 loss versus Kansas City at home. Now the Chiefs into town with 10 straight wins under their belt, ready to make Brian Hoyer beat them. Pass protection will be at a premium for Houston.

Bleacher Report


12 (up 1)

If the Houston Texans win a playoff game and manage to knock off the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, they'll do it because of perfect harmony between two core elements: a daunting defense and all-planet wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Houston surged past the Indianapolis Colts, taking the AFC South with three straight wins to end the season. During that stretch, the Texans defense allowed just 22 points, and overall in 2015, Houston logged six games when it held the opposition to single-digit points.

Then there's Hopkins, who finished the regular season with 1,521 receiving yards even while stretching for passes from a stable of quarterbacks who completed just 57.8 percent of their attempts (30th).

Fox Sports


13 (no change)

Brian Hoyer continues to move along in the concussion protocol process, but journeyman Brandon Weeden is playing the best football of his career in his place. Head coach Bill O’Brien adds Weeden to his "impressive" resume of quarterback reclamation projects.

USA Today


18 (up 5)

Given what he's been working with at quarterback last two years, Bill O'Brien has done amazing job with this team.

Yahoo Sports


13 (no change)

Bill O'Brien has done a very good job each of his two years, going 9-7 both times with a terrible quarterback situation. Part of the bad quarterback situation is that Houston totally screwed up the 2014 draft though. So O'Brien has shown he can win more than the Texans probably should given the bad quarterback situation, but can they figure out a way to get a good quarterback and go to the next level?

CBS Sports (Prisco)


13 (up 1)

The defense is growing up before our eyes. Is it good enough to carry them to a Super Bowl?

Washington Post


13 (up 1)

J.J. Watt played like the NFL’s defensive player of the year again. But he once more has too little help around him for the Texans to be a serious postseason threat. Brian Hoyer did a decent job at QB when healthy but Houston probably doesn’t have enough on offense to make things work against the very good Kansas City defense.



13.8 (up 1.4)


Considering that the Texans were once seen as the undisputed worst team in the league following their awful start to the season, scratching and clawing all the way back up to be among the Top 12 is an accomplishment that cannot be ignored. All hail Bill O’Brien!

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