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An Inside Look At How The Texans' Coaching Staff Puts Together Their Offensive Game Plan

Sports Illustrated's Greg Bedard had unprecedented access behind the scenes as Bill O'Brien, George Godsey, and the rest of the Texans' offensive coaching staff put together their plan of attack for the regular season finale against the Jaguars. This is a must-read for any football fan.

New level of respect for Godsey after reading Bedard's article.
New level of respect for Godsey after reading Bedard's article.
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After having cameras invade his training camp for "Hard Knocks," you might think Bill O'Brien would shy away from giving the media any kind of access he wasn't ordered to give by the league. And yet today, courtesy of Greg Bedard, Texans fans are treated to this amazing behind-the-scenes look at how Houston's coaching staff put together their offensive game plan for last week's division-clinching win over the Jaguars.

I really don't want to give away anything from the piece; it's that good. I will say that I came away with a fresh, gigantic amount of respect for how hard these guys work to put their players in a position to succeed. The article does a tremendous job highlighting how putting together the game plan is truly a team effort, thanks in part to Bill O'Brien's management style. The amount of scouting and detail that goes into formulating an opponent-specific strategy is simply staggering.

I can't help myself. One small excerpt to give you an idea of what awaits you in Bedard's story:

O’Brien, Godsey and Devlin head back to the offensive meeting room after post-practice unit meetings and walkthroughs to help visualize new plays. Now, they’ll go over the Jaguars pressure packages, and Perry has discovered some Jacksonville tendencies that even surprise O’Brien.

"John [Perry] did a good job on this one: on third-and-short yardage, they are 0% blitz on the season," Godsey announces.

"Zero percent for the season?" O’Brien says incredulously.

"The pressure reduces in long yardage. Anything over 12 yards is 0%. On third-and-medium, it’s 70%," Godsey says. "And they have changed completely from our first game as far as their philosophy on this down."

"Wow," O’Brien says.

Now go. Read it. I promise you won't have any reservations about how prepared the Texans will be when they open the playoffs against the Chiefs on Saturday afternoon.

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