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BRB Staff Predictions (Wild Card Weekend): Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

The BRB staff gets on the record for the Houston Texans' Wild Card Weekend matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs at NRG Stadium Saturday afternoon.

Brian Cushing gets another crack at Alex Smith and the Chiefs on Saturday
Brian Cushing gets another crack at Alex Smith and the Chiefs on Saturday
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How did it come to this?  For both teams, you could not have convinced their fans several weeks ago that this game could possibly be happening.  The once 2-5 Houston Texans and the once 1-5 Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head Saturday in the first game of Wild Card Weekend.  Let's see how the BRB staff feels this one will go down.

Chris:  Chiefs 20, Texans 17.

I absolutely would have picked the Texans to win this game were it not for losing Duane Brown.  I think the big man's absence is that big of a deal.  Entire game plans and blocking schemes have to change, and against Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, I foresee a lot of Brian Hoyer looking up at the NRG Stadium lights on Saturday afternoon.  Defensively, the Texans have struggled all year against mobile quarterbacks.  I think the Chiefs may do just barely enough to win this game, and I also have a very, very bad feeling about Nick Novak.  Just a gut feel.

Capt. Ron:  Texans 16, Chiefs 13.

Both offenses will struggle throughout most of the tilt against two stifling defenses. It will be a field goal battle until the fourth quarter, when DeAndre Hopkins and Travis Kelce both notch touchdowns for their respective teams. The Texans ultimately benefit from a raucous home crowd to seal the victory.

Brett Kollmann:  Texans 13, Chiefs 12.

Neither team will get much done on offense, but I think DeAndre Hopkins will be the difference between the two with some sort of acrobatic touchdown grab. That is what he is best at, after all.

kdentify:  Texans 10, Chiefs 9.

These are two teams that, despite having some offensive weapons, will rely on strong defenses to push further into the playoffs. Crennel is more experienced than Sutton, and should have his team prepared for whatever Andy Reid can come up with, ergo, the Texans can eek out a victory in a close, ugly, defensive football game.

Matt Weston:  Chiefs 27, Texans 17.

I think both these teams are evenly matched, and each one has holes they can exploit. But Brian Hoyer is what turns the dial in favor of KC.

The Chiefs play tight coverage, and I don't think Hoyer will be able to fit the ball in these tight windows. This will lead to interceptions, which will give Alex Smith shorter fields to work with. As a result, I think Kansas City can score more than 20 points, and the Texans can't win if that happens with the style of football they play.

BFD:  Chiefs 31, Texans 17.

The truth is, our first game against the Chiefs wasn't as nearly close as the score looks four months later.  We were, to put it lightly, utterly curb-stomped both physically and mentally.

When I see the Texans' CBs playing 10 yards off the LOS against the Glitter Kitties last week, I'm concerned as this was what we did week one. And this is what Andy Reid took advantage of in the first match-up. We'll also need Brian Hoyer to make plays as the KC defense will stifle our run game.

I ultimately believe this game will come down to offensive line and QB play. Which team can keep their QB clean, and which QB will make passes? With Duane Brown out and Hoyer's tendency to shart himself when pressured, I think the Chiefs take this one.

Dunsmore: Texans 21, Chiefs 17.

I was at NRG week one when the Texans looked like a dumpster fire, changing quarterback and watching Travis Kelce run free in the Texans secondary.  This isn't the same Texans team. For better or worse, Brian Hoyer has a hold of the Texans offense. The defense has shaped up into one of the best in the NFL.

This is time will be different, or at least that is what I'm telling myself.

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