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J.J. Watt and Jeremy Maclin Leave Texans-Chiefs Game with Knee Injuries

Watt's return is questionable...for now.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Our worst nightmares have become reality - J.J. Watt is potentially seriously injured. The Texans star pass rusher pulled up a bit lame mid-way through the third quarter and limped off the field with an apparent groin injury. After a few moments of stretching and grimacing in pain, Watt returned to the game only to be promptly re-injured even worse than before with a knee injury.

Unfortunately on the exact same play Chiefs leading receiver Jeremy Maclin was also injured with an apparently serious knee injury. His status is unknown at this time as well. We will continuously update this post as more information becomes available on both injuries. Fingers crossed, ladies and gentlemen.


It looks like the Texans training staff is doing everything they can to keep Watt from making a bad decision for his health. You've got to respect the heart, though.