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2016 NFL Power Rankings Roundup (Week 6): The Texans Are Extremely Average

Not good enough to be a contender. Not bad enough to be a joke.

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The Texans got predictably trounced by a borderline legendary Vikings defense last Sunday, and as a result they’ve tumbled (yet again) in most media power rankings. After creeping up to within the Top 10 just a few weeks ago, Houston now sits squarely in the middle of the pack as analysts try to decipher just what kind of team this is.

Week Six is a massive crossroads for Bill O’Brien and company. A win in primetime over the rival Colts may ignite a much-needed turnaround, but another crushing loss in front of the entire country could have the exact opposite effect. It’s sink or swim time, everyone. I sure do hope Brock Osweiler brought his water wings.



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Do the offensive struggles fall on the offensive-minded Bill O'Brien or quarterback Brock Osweiler? We'll know soon enough as Houston hosts Indianapolis in Week 6, and the Texans aren't going to win if they can't get more than 15 combined touches for Lamar Miller, DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller V.



Going to try and hold steady with the Texans, but think they deserve a more significant drop, based on how bad they've looked in their two losses. So, what gives? Well, for one thing, the Vikings' defense has made everyone and everything look silly -- every offensive scheme, every play call, every playbook, every 15-play script and every 72 million dollar quarterback. Gotta say, though: Loved the screen pass to Will Fuller on fourth-and-16 in the second half. It netted 4 yards. #winningfootball

Bleacher Report



Houston should have called me up if it wanted to pay a quarterback $72 million to look confused. Instead, the Texans paid Brock Osweiler. He has put up a grand total of six points in two games against serious NFL powers. Ask the Vikings defense if he's the Texans' answer. Then ask them to rate Osweiler's offensive line, because it's not just on No. 17. Minnesota's front busted through that starting five all game long. The end result? Four sacks and a measly 1-of-13 third-down conversion rate. Also, where were DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller? Could head coach Bill O'Brien find no creative ways to get them the football? They didn't get a touch until midway through the third quarter.

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Brock Osweiler has led the Texans to a 3-2 record, but he shouldn’t get much credit for their winning record thus far. In the team’s two losses, he’s been abysmal, and he’s been that way for most of the season. Running back Lamar Miller also needs more than eight carries, which is how many he received Sunday. If Osweiler and DeAndre Hopkins don’t get on the same page, this offense will sputter.

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Brock Osweiler's struggles have been accentuated on road, where he's completing 51.8% of his passes and has QB rating of 58.3.

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There’s a lot that goes into play-calling, and it’s not always as easy as just "throw the ball to Receiver X." But the Texans have to get DeAndre Hopkins more involved. Hopkins had 12 targets per game last season, and 95.1 yards per game catching balls from four different quarterbacks. This year it’s just 8.4 targets per game and 56.6 yards per game. Brock Osweiler would look better if more of his passes were going to one of the best receivers in football.

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Brock Osweiler was bad at Minnesota. That's not a good sign going forward.





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