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Find The Silver Lining For The 3-2 Houston Texans

The Texans have given fans plenty of reasons to complain so far. But they’ve also given us reason to cheer, and BRB wants to know about the positives in this post.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
B-Mac’s given you reason to pump your fist.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been rather bleak around these parts for the last week, thanks to the complete and utter annihilation visited upon your Houston Texans by the Minnesota Vikings. Coupled with the crushing disappointment that was getting shut out by a Patriots squad led by Jacoby Brissett two weeks before that, there are a lot of people selling their stock in the 2016 Houston Texans. I get it. Collectively, the Texans haven’t given you much, if any, reason to believe they’ll do anything but get rolled in the Wild Card round in January...and that’s assuming they win the AFC South, a perceived formality that could become much harder to believe is destined if Sunday night sees the Colts do what they have historically done to the Texans.

The doubt is warranted. Instead of focusing on that, for just this one post, I want to talk about what’s impressed you about the Texans through five games in 2016. There has to be something.

How about Jadeveon Clowney staying healthy and producing?

Will Fuller bursting onto the scene?

A.J. Bouye somehow becoming a legitimate option for covering opposing tight ends?

Benardrick McKinney’s development?

That’s just four things off the top of my head. Surely you have more. Or maybe you just wish to talk more about one of the items listed above. Take the conversation to the Comments and find some rays of sunshine on this cloudy day.