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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: October 15, 2016

This weeks S.N.O.T makes Luke’s dream of being a a music critic come true.

NFL: Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough week. I’ve been fighting off the horrific ailment known as ManFlu. It hath laid waste to my body BUT NOT TO MY SPIRIT! Hence why I’m here to welcome you to BRB’s wonderful Saturday Night Open Thread.

While I’ve been sick, I’ve been doing two things. One is listening to White Lies’ excellent new album Friends. The other has been scrolling through various stat websites for some interesting little nuggets.

Before we get to the stats, let’s talk about Friends. For me, White Lies’ debut album, To Lose My Life, is still one of my favourite of the past few years. White Lies channels the spirit of the British alternative bands that have come before them, but with a emphasis on more grand and almost symphony-esque sounds. While lacking in the lyrical department, White Lies make up for it with great choruses that have these big rock kicks to them, which often bring songs from a more mournful melody into a big bombastic bridge before reverting back into the chorus.

In certain ways, Friends follows the formula that’s been laid out in previous albums, but with the inclusion of techno pop elements. Don’t Want To Feel It All seems to show this blend off rather well by creating an exceptionally catchy chorus using synth and guitar elements. The big orchestral moments that previous albums had have been replaced with more synth-based melodies. It’s not the melodic romp that To Lose My Life is, or are any of the lyrical failings amended (hope you guys like vague ruminations about death!), but it’s still an enjoyable listen if you enjoy 80s synth pop and big booming vocals.


Musical interlude aside, let’s do some Texans-based weird stats. This offense has really struggled over the past three weeks. From the shutout by the Patriots to the sporadic performance against the Titans, it’s seen better days. One of the more interesting tidbits I discovered while going over these past three weeks I thought I would present to you all tonight.

Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins have the same amount of receptions over the past three weeks (Patriots, Titans and Vikings) as Ryan Griffin and C.J. Fiedorowicz. Each of these groups are seeing exactly the same amount of time with the ball as the other. However you cut it, that’s not a good thing. When your two best offensive players have the same amount of catches as your two previous unused TEs, something has gone amiss.

The Texans’ offense has a bunch of weird stats that just don’t make sense. Take third down percentage completion. The Texans had a third down conversion percentage against the Chiefs of 26%. Against the Patriots, they had a third down conversion percentage of 40%. There have been mentions of the Texans’ poor organisational skill and discipline, but in terms of penalty yardage given up, they have only had two games this season where they have given up more penalty yards than the other team. One was the Week One victory against the Bears, and the other was in the loss against the Patriots. In fact, the Texans rank 5th in total penalty yards allowed this season. Another fun fact is that the game against the Vikings had the largest difference in penalty yardage between two teams for any game this season.

That’s all for this evening. Usual open thread rules apply. Enjoy your Saturday night.