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Houston Texans Injury News: Will Fuller Unlikely To Play Tonight Against Colts

Find out why and how the Texans will adjust on Battle Red Blog.

We won't be seeing this tonight.
We won't be seeing this tonight.
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Through five games, the Houston Texans' offense has been such a finely-tuned machine, seamlessly moving the ball down the field and scoring points in truly historic bunches, that it can easily withstand an injury to its leading receiver, even if it means said receiver misses a crucial divisional prime-time game.



Yeah, I'm talking to you. That first sentence I wrote above is categorically untrue. I just did it to throw the opposition off. Counterintelligence and all that jazz. Gotta put false information out there to keep the enemy guessing. In all reality, you're perfectly within your rights to freak the heck out about the following report from Adam Schefter.

It was going to be vital for Brock Osweiler to attack the middle of the field tonight anyway, and it just became even more important, because now the Colts are exponentially more likely to throw double coverage at DeAndre Hopkins with impunity. If the Texans' passing game is going to keep up its end of the bargain this week, Osweiler has to make liberal use of Jaelen Strong, Braxton Miller, C.J. Fiedorowicz, and Ryan Griffin.

Do you believe Osweiler will do it?  Or is this a death knell for the Texans this evening?

UPDATE: Clear as mud.

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